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Here you can find important information relating to Customs Clearance topics. In case you can not find the required answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Phone or Contact Form. We are here to help!


Each active swiss based company has a dedicated company identification number (UID). In order to allow for a correct identification, administration und utilization of the UID’s, the swiss department of statistics manages an UID register.  


The “EORI number” (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number – Registration and Identification of economic participants/owners) has replaced the “Customs Number” (as official valid identification coding within the EU). Since the implementation of the decree (EG) Nr. 312/2009 – Change of Customs Coding decree of 1st July 2009, the EORI number is the precondition for any customs clearance transaction within the EU.

When importing goods into Switzerland, customs fees as well as VAT need to be paid. These fees can either be paid in cash or will be debited to a so called ZAZ account, in case the Importer or his carrier hold a ZAZ account with the Swiss Customs Office. In such case, the relevant fees will be debited to the account and the account holder needs to wire funds onto his ZAZ account to compensate for the debit.

As a receipt for the customs fees and the VAT, the Customs Office will furbish an assessment statement for each. Today, such assessment statements are available either in the traditional yellow hardcopy version, or in electronic format. The hardcopy version will be replaced on 1st March 2018 by the electronic eVV Import version.

  1. Rechnung und/oder Kaufvertrag
  2. Fahrzeugausweis/Zulassungsschein (auch falls bereits annulliert)
  3. Identitätsnachweis (Reisepass, Identitätskarte)
  4. Einfuhrzollanmeldung (EDec-Anmeldung), erstellt durch den Spediteur
  5. Evtl. Ursprungsnachweis vom Verkäufer

The Swiss Custom Tariffs are based in line with international standards on the international valid “Harmonized System” (HS). The first 6 digits of the 8-digit Swiss Tariff Numbers are equivalent to the HS.

The list of Tariffs (TARES) is made available by the Swiss Customs Administration free of charge on the Internet. ( By selecting the date, the country of origin and destination, the direction (Import/Export), the 8-digit Tariff number and statistical key (if applicable), the system will display the possible tariff rates (normal tariff rate and/or special tariff in case of specific provision of origin documents) as well as additional fees (administration fees, taxes), approval requirements and other important information.


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